How to fit stair rods

It’s a common misconception, that in this day and age, stair rods are used to hold your carpet runner in place, this used to be the case where a stair rod was firstly functional and secondly decorative.

In the last 20 years a different approach has been adopted, whereby your carpet runner is actually fully fitted and the stair rods are selected afterwards as a means of decoration.

Surprisingly it’s not uncommon for people to have a fully fitted, full width carpet and then place the carpet rods on top.

Please see below the most frequently asked questions when installing stair rods.

Can the stair rods be cut down to suit my size?

Yes, English stair rods offers a completely free cutting service available upon request

Are the matching screws supplied?

Yes matching finish screws are supplied suitable for a wood stair case.

Are the stair rods liable to twist or turn whilst in place?

All of our carpet brackets are supplied with a special anti slip pad, this ensures the stair rod cannot twist turn or slip.

Are the stair rods lacquered?

Yes all of English stair rods are fully lacquered. This ensure the lowest amount of maintenance possible in order to keep the stair rods in good condition. (please note unlacquered is available upon request)